Rise Inspection Services

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Wind Mitigation Inspection

Four Point Insurance Inspection

As of September 30, 2012, "all inspection forms must be inspected and completed by a verifiable Florida-licensed professional. Without a verifiable, certified inspector’s dated signature, the form will not be accepted. The following FLORIDA-LICENSED individuals may complete a 4-Point Inspection for Citizens in its entirety: 

A general, residential, or building contractor (State Building license # CBC 1256475)
A building code inspector
A registered architect
A home inspector    (Home Inspection Licenses # HI 4691, # HI9732)
A professional engineer
A building code official who is authorized by the State of Florida to verify building code compliance

Many insurance companies require a four-point inspection for all homeowner, dwelling and mobile home applications for properties more than 30 years old. A Florida-licensed inspector will check the home’s electrical system, plumbing, heating/cooling system (HVAC) and roof. The inspector must provide the age, type and condition of the wiring, heating and plumbing systems, and roof. Any serious hazards or deficiencies (such as exposed wiring, active leaks or evidence of leaks) should be repaired before an application for coverage is submitted

Wind mitigation is the implementation of certain building techniques in order to limit damage caused by intense wind.

A Few Facts About Windstorms and Wind Insurance

In 2006, Citizens Insurance, one of the largest property insurers in Florida, requested a 45% rate increase for wind insurance. Other insurers took similar actions.
In Florida, the portion of a homeowner's premium covering wind damage can be up to 70% of the total, depending on location.
Wind mitigation benefits homeowners, private insurers, and all levels of government.